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At present, GPS-Prot is implemented for Human and HIV-1 and the following data sources.

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Human PPI Databases:
HIPPIE: Scored PPIs from DIP, BioGrid, HPRD, IntACT, MINT, BIND, MIPS and more
CORUM: Curated human complexes

HIV PPI Databases:
HARC Proteomics HEK: AP-MS study in HEK cells
HARC Proteomics Jurkat: AP-MS study in Jurkat cells
HHPID Some interactions in this database may not be a direct PPI.  Users have the option to search on keywords "Binds, Interacts, Complexes with" (more stringent).

To facilitate visualization, viral proteins in GPS-Prot are not separated by strain/isolate, but are mapped to the representative protein name (e.g. "Tat", "Vif") and a representative Uniprot ID (the reference proteome for HIV; isolate HXB2);  consult individual publications for strain/isolate details of an interaction.

HIV Screen Hits:
HHPID RNAi database

HIV screen hits are mapped to proteins by mapping Entrez gene IDs and gene names to uniprot IDs. The algorithm does not capture genetic interactions that don't map to a UniProt ID.

HIV Screen hits do not provide PPI information, but can be overlaid on the networks built from protein interaction databases (colored yellow in Navigator window)